‘Shiksha’ means ‘education’ in Sanskrit.

Shiksha Finance is an RBI licensed Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) that is pioneering much needed innovation in the education finance sector in India. We provide loans to educational institutions (for asset creation, working capital and build infrastructure) and to students (for their school fees).

Through our loans, we are striving to finance education entrepreneurs who seek to improve access to quality education for middle and low-income communities. Such entrepreneurs are typically driven by a passion and mission to deliver higher quality education outcomes for children in their lesser privileged neighbourhoods.

It is not uncommon for schools in such locations to face challenges with respect to acquiring sufficient funds to enhance their physical infrastructure. These schools also struggle to obtain essential academic and extra-curricular tools and resources for their students. At Shiksha Finance, we endeavour to address this lack of funds by providing finance and loans.

The social impact that we seek to achieve through our work is:
  1. Better quality education infrastructure for all
  2. Reduce school drop out rates

Many schools simply do not have access to the financing necessary to expand, upgrade and improve themselves.

Shiksha seeks to fill this gap.

We understand finance.

We wish to use this expertise in assisting educational institutions to create better infrastructure and thereby improve the quality of education.